Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Fierce Floors features epoxy flooring that exhibits excellent abrasion resistance, outstanding colour retention backed by a hassle-free warranty. 100% epoxy solids can be used to coat concrete floors that are subjected to high wear activity. The epoxy coating in turn will actually strengthen the surface of the floor and can be applied with skid-proof finishes.

Because the coating is dense, seamless and has low porosity, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain than an uncoated surface. Striping and floor markings can be applied as epoxy topcoat, which bond and become a single, seamless high strength floor. Our coatings can be used in areas such as:

  • Repair Shops

  • Car Dealerships

  • Locker Rooms

  • Restaurants and food preparation areas

  • Grocery Stores

  • Aircraft Hangars

  • Laboratories

  • High Traffic Areas