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Our microcement is hand troweled by our applicators at approximately 3mm thick to create a seamless concrete look to floors, walls, joinery and ceilings. The trowel down application results in unique texture, tone and colour variation. Its versatility, aesthetic and durability is fast making it the premiere choice for architects and builders striving for excellence. 

Composed of a liquid polymer combined with stone, Infinity-Flow has the adhesive and tensile properties to be applied to a broad range of surfaces including: 


  • Concrete

  • Compressed sheeting

  • MDF

  • Tiles

  • Plaster

  • Villa board

  • Brick

  • Ply

  • Laminate

Microcement is suitable both internally, externally and in wet areas thanks to our range of sealer coats. It also reaches beyond traditional concrete’s aesthetic by boasting a broad range of colour options.